Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Weekend With Miss Riding Hood

We had so much fun this weekend!  Abby finally got to "go sleep at your house, Aunt Becky!"  We promised her quite some time ago that when she decided to comply with the whole potty-training thing she could come to spend the night just like Emma does.  She is, to the joy of Stan and Linda, wearing her big girl panties now 24/7!  
She was such a delight with her vivid imagination and constant (She is a self-proclaimed "jabber-box." Just ask her.) singing, story-telling, questions, and laughter.  After dinner, she discovered that her red napkin fit nicely on her head and was walking throughout the kitchen chattering of "Little Red Riding Hood."  We fashioned a dress and cape from Aunt Becky's nightgown and a scrap of fabric from the drawer and our Abby became the "nuffin" delivering, "Miss Riding Hood" for the night.  Aunt Becky and Uncle Alan played the roles of "Grandmother and Grandpa."  The role of the big bad wolf was played by our cat, Katherine. 
On Saturday morning we took her to St. Louis to the zoo.  She entertained herself (and us!) all the way with a "blankie," 2 books, and that amazing imagination.  We did EVERYTHING except the reptile house (yucky!) at the zoo.  She told us that her favorite part was the train.  After 5 hours of walking and riding on Uncle Alan's shoulders, she was asleep within 4 blocks of the zoo.  We woke her up when we got to Mattoon.  We miss her already and can't wait 'til the next sleep over.

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