Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday Celebration!!!

Emma's 10th Birthday was last week.  Abby will be 5 next week.  We invited them for a slumber party in celebration of both birthdays.  Uncle Alan went to pick them up and found them eagerly waiting outside, sitting upon their suitcases.  (I ask you...How good does that make an Uncle feel?)

Aunt Becky decorated the dining room in birthday party fashion and our party kicked off with their favorites...hot dogs and mac-n-cheese.  We fancied the hot dogs up a bit by having the birthday girls roll them into crescent rolls and coated farfalle pasta with way too much cheese.  They were perfect!

We played animal charades...the girls are great at it.  Does anyone know what sound a panda makes?  We blew out candles and sang "Happy Birthday."  They performed a musical variety show complete with instruments, dancing and singing.  They opened their birthday quilts that Aunt Becky made and slept beneath them.

The next morning, somewhere between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., I had two little girls crawl into bed with me for good morning hugs.  We played dolls and played "kitchen" and made blueberry muffins and chocolate milk.  Too soon it was time to take them home.


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog,I love the pictures.Birthdays are a wonderful occasion and birthday celebration ideas have become the trend today.

  2. Thanks O.E.R for the post.


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