Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kitchen Project 01.01.10

OK.  It didn't happen in just one day.  We began on January 1.  Finished the fifth.  Of course, it began as most projects at our house do, when Becky saw a photo in a magazine which was followed by, "Honey, look at this.  This would look great in our kitchen.  We could do this all by ourselves.  Wanna go to Home Depot?"  

We pondered and planned over pancakes at Cracker Barrel.  (Hey, it's on the way to Home Depot.)  Then we changed our minds in aisle 18.  And again in aisle 14.  Bought some additional tools.  Went to Ace Hardware for paint.  

Once we returned home, we got out the paint brushes and sander, borrowed Dad's nail gun (No mere hammer and nails for my husband!) and table saw, and did a little rewiring to add an outlet for perfect placement of Alan's new coffee maker.

Ta-Da!  All new pine tongue and groove bead board back splash.  Requested by Becky.  Perfectly executed by Alan.

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