Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Off and on over my years as an adult, I have tried lots of different exercise methods.  Emphasis on the word LOTS!  Yes, we have a treadmill that is folded more than unfolded.  We own a yoga ball.  We walk when the Illinois weather is nice but sit on the sofa in the winter evenings.  In a box in the basement you might find Tae-Bo VHS tapes.  We have weights, too.  Pretty sure the Jane Fonda videos were in a rummage sale long ago. What was that contraption called that looked something like a stationery bike but wasn't?   I've been to Curves.  I've been to Jazzercise.  I've been to the "gym."

In January this year an old friend came into Lifetime Eye Care.  An old friend from Jazzercise.  She had continued all through these 20+ years and looked great.  We visited about "muffin tops" and high cholesterol.  Then she talked me into coming back.  Darcy and Cheryl came along and my niece, Claire.  Just one class and we were hooked.  Claire and I go to at least 2 classes each week and like it best when we can squeeze in 4.  We work hard, sweat a lot, laugh when all that heavy breathing permits and hope to loose a couple of pounds in the process.  After each class she gets behind the wheel of my car, (She has her learner's permit now!) and we talk about how good it feels to be exercising regularly again and promise to keep each other motivated to continue.  Thanks, Claire for being the kind of teenager who is NEVER too cool to hang out with your Auntie!  You inspire me!  I love you lots!


  1. hello! What about the years (or more like few isolated times) we did Richard Simmons! "Sweatn' to the Oldies" baby!

  2. I think this might be my fav. blog. You both ROCK!!! You bring the energy level WAY up.


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