Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Blog or To Quilt?

I know I haven't blogged in several weeks and for that I apologize.  However, you know I would not waste a moment of any day with frivolous things like naps or trips to the DQ!  Well, maybe a few times. 
 I have begun quilting again and have a serious case of what my Mom refers to as "QUILT POX!"  She is an amazing quilter.  She quilts every day.  She has created some of the most awe-inspiring quilts.  Her sewing room is her retreat and her cathedral.  She knows all the tricks, has all the tools, and can claim an enormous stash of fabrics.  All of these she is willing to share along with her knowledge and skills with those who show any interest in learning the art of quilting. 
Kristin began quilting a couple of years ago when she was between jobs and bored.  She was the first to contract the "quilt pox" from Grandma.  She has already made 4 quilts.  She really started my "itch" when we went to the Peddler's Way Quilt Shop in Washington during a visit.  I came home with a bag of fabric in my hand and a plan in my head.  After a couple of weeks and lots of phone calls to Mom and Kristin, my first quilt (Just the size of a "throw.") is ready to be bound and my second quilt top, (This one's for a double bed!) is just about finished.  I already have fabric for my next two projects.  No photos yet, but soon. 
Beware of the "quilt pox" epidemic.  It is definitely contagious.  I have recently taken Cindy, Olivia, and Claire to the quilt shop.  They too, went home with fabric and an idea.  My Mom is sooooooooo happy!  Mom and I are going to another quilt shop this afternoon.  

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