Monday, April 25, 2011

Duck Racing

Yesterday afternoon we took the fam with rubber boots and rubber ducks to the creek in the rain for a duck race...anyone who has ever been to our house knows to be ready for anything when Becky and Alan host a gathering!

Only Olivia and Alan ended up IN the creek.  I've never seen Warren laugh as hard as he did when Alan ran from one bank, leaped for the opposite bank, and landed halfway across the creek up to his waist in the water.  Olivia's soaking was unintentional as she headed toward the water face first in an attempted duck rescue, yet still managed to keep her head above the water...not an easy feat for someone so height-challenged.  

 Warren's duck was, from it's upstream launch upside-down, floating the wrong direction, spinning in place, or stuck in the grass along the bank.  How did he keep dry?

 Uh oh...Stuck Ducks!  "Grandpa!"
Mom and Dad were watching for ducks and reporting delays.  Mom's play-by-play commentary had her duck in first place all along...when it was actually bringing up the rear.  Dad quickly assumed the role of "duck life guard" packing a long stick that he was not afraid to use.  
The winner was unable to be identified as the duck floated quickly and upside-down over the finish line.  So...as the ducks sailed on for southern parts of Charleston Township, we went to the house for coffee and cupcakes.

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