Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sugar Cookies

by Guest Blogger, Colby J. Metzger

Last Thursday, my Mommy was busy, busy, busy getting us ready to go to the State Fair.  So, I slipped into my bedroom with Mom's iPad and put together a quick text to Aunt Becky in search of a playmate.  Not only was she available, she was needing a kitchen helper for a batch of sugar cookies.  I volunteered for the job.  Perfect timing!
I learned to manage the cookie scoop, roll the dough in the sugar, and smash 'em on the cookie sheet.
The best part was my discovery that the cookie dough that sticks to your fingers (and your toes) tastes real YUMMY!  I think we made 214 cookies.  
Me and my Aunt Becky make good cookies.  I asked if we could give some to the cows and Aunt Becky said, "Colby Honey, don't be so silly.  Cows don't like cookies."  I think she's wrong.  I love to bake cookies and eat cookies.  I am a very good cookie-baking, kitchen helper.  You should call my Aunt Becky if you want to go to her house and bake some cookies, too.

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