Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time Flies!

It's Saturday.  Springtime blows across the cornfield and into the window, pushing the curtains into flight away from the window sill.  She begins her day on the front porch swing, humming to the calls of the birds perched on the branches of the nearby maple tree.  She sips her cup of tea and ponders how she will make the most of this day of days, determined not to waste a single minute.

 A wish for the taste of May's strawberries inspires a morning drive to the farmers' market.  The berries are  picture perfect and plentiful, begging to be taken back to the kitchen of her little house.  She'll make jam.  Jam that will be the reddest ever as the sweet Illinois berries are stirred together with sugar and poured into jars.

With the jam sealed and resting on the counter, she strolls across the kitchen to the beat of James Taylor on the stereo.  What shall she do next?  There are so many "wants" on her to-do list.  On her way to the quilt studio, she pauses at the desk chair and lifts the cover of her computer.  Slowly, the screen comes alive with an inbox filled with advertisements and travel offers.  She shrugs and rolls her eyes as she decides to catch up with her favorite bloggers.  That's when it happened.  

She remembered that SHE was a blogger.

Here's a peek at what we've been up to since October (not in any particular order)...


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  1. Oh I just love reading your blog so much Aunt Becky! It always makes me smile so much! :) I love you so much!
    Claire Bear


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