Saturday, August 4, 2012

6 + 1 = FAMILY

A year ago we found a resort in the hills and valleys of Arkansas that was exactly half the distance between Dallas, TX and Washington, IL.  We reserved it for mid-July 2012 and requested that the kids try to clear their calendars for a few days or all 7 days and join us there.  Alan and I have looked forward to it like kids waiting for Santa!  

When we made the reservation, we had no idea that our family would grow before we made the trip!  It was the perfect opportunity for Charlotte to meet her Aunt Yvette and Uncle Dale, and they took full advantage of the time together.  

Charlotte slept over in Gramma and Grampa's room, got to play dress-up with Aunt Yvette, and watched a movie from Uncle Dale's lap.  Her Momma and Daddy got an overdue nap.  

We played games (I still can't beat Dale at Scrabble!), played in the pool and took turns canoeing/babysitting.  We all love cooking together and did lots of it.  Mostly, we just played with Charlotte.  She was never lacking attention, not even for a minute.   Alan and I are so proud of our little family!

Charlotte, at 3 weeks old had a perfectly wonderful vacation!  So did her grandparents!

Becky, aka "Gramma"

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