Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Weekend at Our House

Before her first visit to our house, Miss Charlotte called her Grampa saying, "Grampa, my Momma and Daddy keep talking about this place. I think they call it Pagliai's. Will you please take me there so I can see what all the fuss is about?" So, as it always is, that was the first order of business on Friday night. (Shout out to Dan and Paul!). Soon the few extra slices were in the fridge and we settled in with her for a sleepover in our room. She was such a big girl and slept in her bed almost all night! She got her Grampa to let her sleep on his chest a time or two, too. It's her favorite napping place...just ask him. Gramma got lots of diapering practice and baby-bath-time. (Kristin said I didn't give anyone else a chance.) We moved the rocking chair into the living room and nestled in for two days of oohing and aahing in joy as we watched her every move. We had lots of guests and the whole house was abuzz with little tiny people and their parents and grandparents all weekend which always makes us happy.

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