Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It Begins

And so today I begin our blog.  Maybe a good place to start is by explaining the title..."The Farm at Springs Crossing."  Last year, when we purchased this land that we now call home and drew plans to build another house here, we began talking about how farmsteads used to be named and what the perfect name for this one would be.  
We set out to build a house that would look as if it had always been here on this land.  A house that would blend with the existing barn and sheds.  As we pondered a name, we set out to describe our new landscape...  The house sits upon a knoll with the hills rolling slightly about on three sides.  A spring winds through the pasture then crosses the country road just south of the yard as it heads into the woods.  The corn grows tall and the wheat waves in the wind just beyond the neighbors yard. The wind blows hard here and picks up a whistle as it passes through the row of pine trees just north of the house.    
Some evenings, when running the farm allows we take long walks, always talking about the kids or the farm.  We laugh as we recall memories of 27 years of raising 2 great kids and lots of corn and soybeans.  We chat of hopes and faith for the years to come.  We always take those walks along the creek.  And so...we decided that our new home was at the "Springs Crossing."

Just Us