Saturday, November 8, 2008


On Tuesday afternoon, October 7 our family was changed forever.  Dad was tucked into his bed at home for an afternoon nap, dozed off and slipped from his life here with us to a new life in heaven.  He died the way he wanted...at home, in his own bed and quietly in his sleep.  The last few weeks of his battle with the muscular dystrophy had him exhausted and weak.  He maintained that quiet strength and gentleness that was so admirable until the very end.  Things will never be the same for our family.
During the days surrounding the services, so many people said so many kind things about Dad..."a pillar in the community, I always enjoyed seeing him, what a farmer, he taught me how to pitch horseshoes, we treasure our friendship with him, we were lucky to know him and his family, a heckuva guy, one of the most honest people I've ever known, he and Evelyn raised three great sons, always kind and generous, he made the Metzger name one to be proud of, he was like a dad to me, too."  My favorite is that Alan looks just like him.

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