Thursday, March 12, 2009


Enough winter weather already! Surely somewhere long-johns were not required and the heated seats were not needed! Alan and I decided to throw luggage in the car and take off for a week. No plan. No reservations. Just the latest issue of Southern Living magazine, the atlas and the Tomtom. We took off on a Saturday morning and didn't stop until we were south of Lexington. We spent that night in Asheville, NC. We spent the biggest part of Sunday at the Biltmore Mansion which was beyond impressive. The restoration of the home and grounds is definitely a must-see. 
Asheville is a cozy yet refined city high in the Blue Ridge mountains and we loved it despite the high altitude...still snowing!
Before pointing the Camry south again we drove a short stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway and vowed to return to finish the entire length someday, when it's warmer and we're in the Jeep with the top down. We spent the next night in historical Augusta, GA in a quaint restored inn and spent the evening laughing over dinner by a big window looking over the tops of magnolia trees. Got to leave the coats in the car this time!
  Our next stop would be Savannah. The Mansion on Forsyth Park was our home for the next two days as we strolled through the historic district in the sunshine. 
Yes, we ate at Paula Deen's and recommend you all do the same if ever in Georgia's first city. I decided on chicken pot pie and was not disappointed. Alan couldn't choose just one menu item and dove fork first into the buffet. We realized on this trip that we have a tendency to plan our vacations around restaurant choices! One of our favorite lunches was at Mrs. Wilke's boarding house, a family-style restaurant in an old boarding house, operated by Mrs. Wilke's 65-year-old grand daughter. We do love good food. And good iced tea! God bless the South!
For two days we strolled through the historic district of Savannah. We rode the trolleys and toured The Mercer House which gave visuals to "Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil" that we read on this trip. Savannah is bursting with history and style and Savannahians are proud and welcoming. The azalea's were in bloom!
      Not ready to head home yet we looked at the map and saw St. Simons Island. Sounded inviting...we went. Again we were thrilled with our choice! The internet led us to "the village" and a small inn. We parked the car and stayed 3 days. The beach, a porch with rocking chairs, a civil war light house, sidewalk cafes, and more beach! The sun was shining and the thermometer didn't drop below 70.
Two slow days of traveling and we returned home, which even after the best vacations feels great.

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