Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh Dear...Old Photos!

Go ahead...LAUGH!  Grandma Nancy has been sorting old photos.  Cindy, Stacey, Olivia, Kristin, Sydni, Alix, Claire, Grandma Nancy and I spent a Sunday afternoon around her dining room table, laughing 'til we nearly pee-ed our pants!  I am NOT including any of the really good ones of my sisters.  They owe me.
  The complete Easter ensemble...maybe 1968?
  Kristin calls this one my "Ugly Betty" years.  Hadn't discovered hair products yet.  Already loving the turtlenecks! 
 Don't know what to say about this one.
So, a day or two after the photos were shall we say, uncovered I took these plus a few others to work with me.  I chose photos that explained "why does Becky wear her hair so short," and a good sampling of my many glasses through the years.  Before we saw our first patient that day we were all without eye makeup as tears from laughing had washed it all off.  A chain reaction began and over the past few weeks Cheryl, Carol, Keri, Nancy, and Tammy have all been in their old albums and have shared some of their different looks by bringing pictures in.  We cracked up at hair styles, clothing styles, and more glasses.  I strongly suggest getting your old albums, boxes, files whatever out and doing the same.    

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