Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Chicago, whadya say...

Hey! Hey!  The Cubs beat the Cardinals, 7 to 3 on Sunday afternoon and we were behind home plate at Wrigley to see it!  We went to Chicago together with Kristin, Nick and his parents, Jim and Karla for the game.  Kristin ordered our tickets two months ago...Cindy, Warren and Claire drove up the day of the game, bought tickets across the street and were seated just across the aisle from us.  So, it was a family affair in the "friendly confines" with the Ebingers and Jim cheering for the Cardinals and the Metzgers and 3 Millers rooting for the home team.  We had a great time in the shade as a cool breeze blew through the crowd of Cubs caps and Puhols jerseys, amongst peanuts and cracker jacks, watching the Cubs hit two home runs and get a WIN!  
With much laughter we gave Warren the "Good Sport Award" for the day as we handed him the 'W' flag after the game.  The Cubs fans around us loved it, too!

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