Monday, August 17, 2009

August Already?

A month???  A whole month since my last posting?!  Good Grief!  Briefly, here's what we've been up to the past four weeks...
  • Olive Garden, strolling through the U of I gardens, and Jarlings with Jerry and Gail.
  • Walking and walking and walking through the evenings after the days cool.
  • Kristin and Nick surprising us with a weekend home full of family get togethers, each around a big meal.
  • Karaline coming to visit more than once, ALWAYS including a bath in GranBecky's BIG tub and bouncing on the bed in her pink night gown.
  • Lots of evening "Jeep dates."  It is our newest most favorite entertainment!
  • A Sunday in Chicago at Wrigley (10th row, by the on deck circle) and Portillo's (hot dogs, onion rings and chocolate cake) with Jo and John.
  • Mowing.  Watering.  Pulling weeds.
  • A "Bikini-Weenee-Roast" to send Diddy off to college.
  • Reading "The Shack" in the shade on the front porch.
  • Watching over a new litter of 5 kittens who are now pouncing and bouncing about the farm shop.  Trying to come up with names for all of them.
  • A sleep-over and day of back-to-school shopping with Emma.
  • Discovering "Hagen Das" mini ice cream bars with almonds.  Only 12 carbs! 
  • Seeing "Julie and Julia" TWICE, "The Ugly Truth," "Public Enemies," and "G-Force"
  • Alix coming to stay for a weekend.  Teaching her to flip an egg without a spatula.
  • An evening of horse races at the county fair.
  • Dale starting a new job and Yvette starting her Masters program.
  • Napping on Sunday afternoons when it's too humid and too hot to be outside.

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