Monday, October 5, 2009


Another harvest delay?
Another road trip?
Two weekends in a row?
The farmer must remain distracted.  
A visit with Dale and Yvette is always on our "wish list."  So, we called and suggested a weekend together relaxing somewhere between Charleston and Dallas.   They were definitely in the mood for a weekend away from the city.  We rented a cabin in the Ozark hills and met them for two nights and two days together near the very unique town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We sat on the porch.  We walked in the woods and by the creek.  We strolled through the quaint little shops and artist's galleries.  We drank iced tea in the shade.  We ate amazing food in a variety of unique restaurants.  We slept late.  We laughed.  And of course, we took photos.  Too soon it was time to head home.  We wondered why we had not thought of meeting before.  We plan to do it again and again.

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