Monday, October 5, 2009



I have subscribed to and enjoyed Country Living magazine for so many years.  They host an annual fair of artisans and craftsmen in September.  I have longed to go since first reading about it years ago.  The fair is in Columbus, Ohio in September.  Late September.  Farmers and the wives of farmers don't make plans to travel away from the farm late in September.  However, this year Mother Nature allowed a rare glimpse of autumn to my favorite farmer from this side of the combine windshield.   Jo and I decided to take advantage of this extra time with our sweethearts and distract them from their itch to get the combines rolling with a road trip to Columbus.  It was a sunny weekend in Ohio as Jo and I roamed through the artists tents oohing and aahing and occasionally buying.  John and Alan settled onto one bench or another under the shade of a tree deciding which homemade treat to sample next.  They carried our purchases along with them, (even heavy antique crocks) all day without a single complaint.  Bearing many treasures, we returned home three days later.  Jo drove.  I navigated.


Alan and John slept.

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