Thursday, November 26, 2009

50 Already?

Last Sunday was Alan's 50th birthday.  He awoke to coffee and lists of "50 Things I've Learned From My Dad" from Dale and Kristin.  They were the perfect start to his day and included patience, kindness, that nothing will improve the taste of Frosted Flakes unless you add a chocolate chip cookie or two, how to drive anything, what kind of man to be, what kind of man I wanted to marry, among others.  We both cried.

By 7:45, we were off to the airport for a breakfast birthday party with Jo, John, Chuck, and Bobbett.  I was actually able to surprise him with a gift of a morning in the air flying over his fields.  Something he had always wanted to do but never had in 50 years.  He, John and Chuck spent the morning in a small Cessna.
Our parents joined us that evening at home for dinner.  His mom made his favorite, persimmon pudding. I went to sleep that night with my arm laying over the most perfectly wonderful 50-year-old I know.  I think that I got the best present!

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