Sunday, November 29, 2009


With the most recent holiday still fresh in my mind, I have been thinking a lot about all the things I am grateful for this year.   Here's a short version of the list.  No particular order...

  • the awareness of everything, simple or extreme and being grateful for them all
  • the imagination of a 4 year old
  • someone teaching me to really feel the wind on my face
  • a sense of humor
  • our church
  • Starbucks iced black tea, venti always
  • vacations
  • having the kids home
  • Sunday breakfast at What's Cookin'
  • friends, of course
  • family, certainly
  • that our family and friends are one in the same
  • jeep dates
  • a mild summer
  • camera phones
  • good health and wise Dr.'s to help us manage it
  • having neighbors, great neighbors
  • the smell of rain coming
  • walking to the mailbox barefooted through the grass
  • that I work with friends
  • the happiness of my kids
  • learning to use T9 Word, thanks Alix
  • reading for leisure again
  • having sisters
  • strawberry yogurt w/granola in the mornings
  • squeezes from Karaline
  • even though it was long, a bountiful harvest
  • our front porch
  • surprise baked goods
  • meeting interesting people
  • cheap movies w/free popcorn on Tuesdays
  • phone calls from Yvette or Nick
  • a smile on the face of my cousin
  • warmed syrup on pancakes
  • knowing love in all forms
  • discovering that trail mix can actually taste good
  • gray hair and wrinkles and laughing about them together
  • happy children giggling and running
  • living in a small town
  • naps
  • Dr. Mendella
  • rain boots
  • the individual personalities of each of our nieces
  • my ipod
  • real hugs
  • peanut butter cookies w/chocolate on top
  • internet shopping and UPS, FedEx, USPS
  • Warren
  • sitting down to eat
  • retirement
  • ethics and morals
  • trees
  • prayer
  • new babies in the family soon
  • garage door openers
  • my mom and my mother-in law becoming best friends
  • time in the kitchen
  • home
  • the ability to bring a smile to a perpetual frowner
  • my fire pit
  • Jo and John
  • laughing till my stomach hurts
  • kind words
  • Christmas cards
  • new recipes
  • the view from our front door
  • real correspondence emails
As I said before, the list is in no particular order and just a quick rambling.  I've omitted many things but you're certainly tired of reading at this point.  I have begun keeping a "gratitude" journal this year.  From that, Alan and I now end each day by telling each other 5 things that made us happy that day or that we were thankful for on that day.  We don't list family or friends because we are thankful for them everyday.  It has taught us to notice little things like wreaths on light posts and that that brought a smile.  We sleep really well every night.  Try it!

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