Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adventures With Alix

If you are a returning reader of our blog, you've certainly realized that we LOVE having our family around us.  We are blessed with 8 nieces (Trishy, Jessica, Olivia, Sydni, Alix, Claire, Emma, and Abby) and 2 nephews (Bryan and Jordan) and eagerly look forward to the weekends they spend with us.  My giggly, adventure-seeking, recently permitted to drive by the State of Illinois niece, Alix came to visit this past weekend.  We both firmly believe (and believe you'll agree) that so many activities are just a lot more fun when you get to do them with one of your favorite peeps!  1...cookie baking, 2...road trips, 3...rubber duck racing, 4...creek wading, 5...cemetery discoveries,  6...Pagliai's pizza late at night with a movie!  It was fun to have a teenager in the house again!

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