Sunday, November 1, 2009


I love building, sitting by, stirring, and cooking over an open fire.  I know, I have the most perfect kitchen but still, Sunday afternoons this time of year I need to have a fire in the backyard.  I must say that I've gotten pretty good at building the perfect fire despite my lack of boy scout training.  My friend, Don Garner taught me to twist the newspapers just so to light the fire quickly.  And I've tried to pay attention as Warren, my brother-in-law, the Eagle Scout tends to the fires we have at their house.  
Alan satisfied my request for a cast iron kettle and tri-pod this fall.  
A few weekends ago we made chili in it over the fire and tonight...beef stew.  Daylight savings time brought darkness about 5:30 this evening.  So, the beef stew cooked by the light of the fire and the full moon.  It's almost 8:00 now.  I have bread baking in the oven.  Alan is still picking corn and will take a deep breath as he enters the back door soon asking, "Ooooh, what smells so good in here?"  He'll shower, then we'll curl up on the sofa with our dinner by the fireplace.  Life is GOOD!    

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