Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paper Critters

Both of my parents are very, very artistic, creative, and imaginative.  As girls, Cindy, Stacey and I were always crafting something under their guidance.  Over the years we fashioned...tissue paper flowers, pipe cleaner anything, jewelry from the muffin pan full of sorted beads, latch hook (glad that went out of fashion), hot pads woven on plastic looms, macrame, paper hats, paper boats, paper dolls, pillows from scraps of fabric and cotton balls for our dolls, doll dresses, doll hats.  When Mom decided we wouldn't injure ourselves, we got to use the sewing machine and her "good scissors."  Then the crochet hooks and knitting needles.  When Dad had pieces of lumber left over from a project, we spent afternoons in the shade forming what we and our parents thought was art from those and boxes of various-sized nails.  I even remember a three-sided playhouse we "built" from a larger stack of boards.  I'm certain the wind sent it tumbling after a few days. 

During the days preceding holidays our house was  a buzz with activity.  We ALWAYS colored Easter eggs, carved pumpkins, cut paper snowflakes, made lace Valentines, paper chains, strung popcorn and cranberries, and decorated Christmas cookies.  

Thanks to my Mom and Dad,  I have always loved holidays and making something out of nothing.  Well, actually anything out of anything.  With a few left-over pieces of paper and some glue, I spent this afternoon making Spring decorations.     


  1. cute easter decorations! I might try those this week - put to use all that left over baby shower wrapping paper!

  2. Thank you Becky for sharing your memories on your blog. We did have fun didn't we. Thanks again for your recognition of dad and I in the raising up of 3 wonderful, blessed and loving daughters. There are no words to discribe how proud I am of all of you. Love Mom and Dad


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