Monday, March 22, 2010

A Sleep-Over for Karaline

On March 7, Karaline came to spend the night with her "Pop and GramBecky."  For on March 8, her new baby sister was to arrive.  She is quite possibly one of the most FUN house guests ever to be here.

We baked dozens of lovely pretend cakes and muffins, chicken-danced, jumped into the giant pillow mountain, read lots and lots of stories, swam in the bathtub, and then we were so tired.......we napped!

She and Pop played in her "house," constructed of blankets and sheets, one dining room table and six chairs.  

She quickly reasoned that she might convince him to spend the afternoon in her house.......if she took his shoes.

Her baby sister, Annabelle Rose was born the next morning.  They met for the first time a few days later when Jessica and Annabelle came home.   Definitely, love at first sight!  For updates on Karaline and Annabelle and their Mommy and Daddy, go to www.thevanausdollfamily.blogspot.com 

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