Friday, April 16, 2010


It's Friday night.  It's after ten o'clock.  It's been a really long week.  I really should be in bed.  However, tomorrow is "GIRLS DAY!"  I am too excited to sleep just yet. 

GIRLS DAY is when the boys are happily doing their own thing while we females get together and do what we do best together.  In the morning I will be heading out for a whole day together with Kristin, Jo, Jessica, Karaline, and Annabelle.  It all started in 1978 with just Jo and Becky.  Then in the mid 1980's Jessica and Kristin were added to our group of laughing expert shoppers, diners, talkers, stroller-pushers, road-trippers, etc.  Yvette joined our merry band in the new millenium.  Like those of us before her, Karaline was schooled in the fine art of GIRLS DAY when she was just a little bitty thing.  Tomorrow will be Annabelle's premier outing with the group.   We all wish Yvette could be here.  I'm sure there will be photos.  Stay tuned! 

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