Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quilting Again (Still)

My current quilting project has become my obsession! As I take somewhat of a freestyle approach to this quilting thing, I usually fall asleep thinking about it.  Then I wake up early contemplating my next move.   It began with a moda "layer cake" that I bought just because I liked the fabrics yet had no design in mind.  I placed them in one arrangement on the floor.  Walked around them and moved them into another.  Thought about cutting them.  Walked away for a couple of days.  Finally ended up with a plan for a window pane design with corner stones and alternating geese in flight for the border.  Well, part of the border.  I want it to fit the bed in Nick and Kristin's room so I may add another design to the border as well.  I don't like to just add strips to the edge.  How boring would that be?  Really!  Here is a sneak peek at this work in progress. 

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