Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't call me a Gardener

So many people that I know are blessed with green thumbs.  You can call me jealous.  As I, my friends was not blessed in such a way.  I have really NO interest in gardening.  Well, when others do it and pass along surplus produce, I am beyond thrilled.  The cook books come out and we eat it all up very quickly.  

This spring while at the nursery in Danville, I made an impulse purchase of 2 tomato plants and 4 red pepper plants.  I did so thinking that I could put those empty clay pots in the shed to use.  I made two trips to Walmart the next day for potting mix and then for the Miracle Grow I forgot on the first trip. 

The first tomato plants did not survive.  I have no idea why.  I pulled them up.  Went to Rural King for replacements...one Roma and one Better Boy.  That was the middle of May.  

I am happy to show off our peppers and one little teeny tiny baby tomato!!!  

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