Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Sewing Day!

Our little band of seamstresses got together last Saturday for another full day of sewing.  Three quilt tops were finished by Cindy and Olivia.  Mom, Evelyn, and Claire each made a new tote bag!  Kristin and Alix couldn't join us this time and we missed them.  I shuffled from one room to the other answering questions and cheering at each completed step.  Alan was certain to stay out of the house but made a stop by to cook us lunch on the grill. (Do I have the best husband ever, or what?!)   Dad stopped by to check on us and have lunch, too.  Could this become a habit?  Maybe a Club!?  Stay tuned.  We'll see!

Oh, I can't tell you what happened to make these three crack up...what happens here stays here!

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