Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Latest From the Sewing Room

Still more sewing than blogging going on here.  I've been creating lots of things in my sewing room lately.  The bags were made for Yvette and Kristin and Jo.  The pillows were a gift...made from left-over pieces from our first family "Quilt In A Day session."  The quilts are mid-process...one is on it's way to be quilted, the other is in the phase where I change the placement of the blocks over and over and go to my stash again and again when another arrangement presents itself.  I have a tendency to start with one plan and change that plan numerous times as the quilt grows.  My first attempt at pinwheels and I love it!  

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  1. Hi there Becky! This is Shelley (Rita's SIL married to Alan.) She forwarded your email about the Big Brothers auction quilt, so I decided to come and check out your blog too. Wonderful photos, lovely quilts, and great stories too. Love your work!

    P.S. What is the bag pattern you used for these totes? They are really cute :)


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