Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Napping Quilt for Alan

I've been sewing and quilting just about everyday.  I have so many projects in mind and the fabrics for them in my "stash."  I have not used a pattern yet.  Every project comes to life when I first lay the fabrics together on the sewing table, leave them there for a few days and rearrange them with each pass through the room.  I love working with half-square-triangles!  They are the basis for so many traditional quilt designs and new techniques have refined their perfection.  The pinwheels were so much fun to create.

 I first chose the fabrics simply for the love of the prints and the colors.  The stack went on the sewing table.  Another trip to the quilt shop brought additions to the stack.  Then on a recent Sunday afternoon, I watched as Alan went to the closet for a blanket to nap with.  I decided that I wanted to surprise my sweetheart with his own "napping quilt."  He's already giving it a workout at the end of these hot summer days.

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