Monday, October 4, 2010

Chill In The Air

It's autumn.
The calendar says so and now Mother Nature has it in her mind to oblige and the weather is changing.
We had our first frost this morning and the thermometer read 37 degrees.
I have taken to wearing socks again and a sweatshirt feels pretty good in the evenings.
A week ago we were sleeping with the windows open.  Not so, the past few nights.
Pumpkins are for sale along roadsides and at pumpkin patches...even the local grocery store has a display.
The lawn mowers are spending a little more time in the sheds.
The cornfields surrounding our home are now only stubble.  The trucks roll in and out.  The bins are full.
Bean dust fills the air along country roads as bean harvest comes to a close.
Leaves are starting to gather in the recessed corners of the patio.
Daily calls come into our house requesting straw bales for hay rides and yard displays.
I actually wore long sleeves today.  (No coat yet!)
First day since April that we did not turn the air conditioning at work.
I'm in the mood to bake again and couldn't stop myself all day yesterday.  Filled the cookie jar.
Alan asked for caramel sauce for apples.
Our hunger for salads has been changed to soups and stews.
A young patient excitedly told me about his Halloween costume.
We've spent an evening (or 2 or 3) in the Adirondack chairs surrounding the fire pit in the back yard.
I love this time of year.

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  1. You make it sound so nice....what a gift with words! Believe it or not..it's getting nice here also...the humidity dropped, but it's still 85 for a high and 66 for the low...and I now feel like walking outside again! I, too, love this time of year..even if it's slightly different than yours...it's still delightful! Eat a caramel apple for me, will ya??


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