Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday BlueGrass

I love to listen to music and have very diverse taste in what I listen to.  My ipod hosts everything from Chet Atkins to Beyonce.  I have enjoyed tapping my toes to bluegrass music for a long time.  Wasn't cool in a younger life, but I'm now at a glorious age to not really be concerned with popularity.  Our cousin, Donny Croft is the bass player in a bluegrass group, Big Spike Hammer.   (Not to be confused with Big Spy Camera!  oops!)  The band played in a festival Saturday and I went along, despite the cool weather, with Evelyn, Aunt Margie and Bob.  We sat in our lawn chairs, holding down blankets with our mitten covered hands.  Donny is on the bass.  The title of the song is "30 Years of Farming."  Have a listen.  Tap your toes.

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