Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Walk in the Yard

I just took a slow stroll around the yard.  Blooms have gradually popped on the trees and will soon be replaced by bright green leaves.  The swing is swaying in the breeze and awaits tiny, squealing riders.  The fake pine branches have been replaced with a new just-as-fake wreath of silk forsythia on the front door.  The giant hosta in the forest are stretching towards the tree tops.  All three of our tulips are in full bloom at the same time.   (I know, pathetic!  I've always intended to plant bulbs in the fall.  Never get to it.)  The adirondacks will soon be leaving the garage for the grassy area under the maple tree.
Yes, that's me humming.


  1. Good Lord, woman! Yes, . . . pathetic. My little kindergarten friend, Abby Smith, and I took a walking "field trip" around my yard today after I picked her up at school to look at the hundreds of tulips coming up and to take a whiff of Claire's blooming magnolia shrub. We HAVE to plant some bulbs in your yard this fall!

    -Your sister

  2. Gorgeous phlox!! How do you keep the rabbits from mowing it down? I hear you about the tulips - I always have such grand plans every spring for planting lots of them in the fall, but by the time fall gets here I'm usually just ready to be done gardening. Haha!


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