Friday, July 8, 2011

Best Girlfriends On A Birthday Trip

The celebration of Jo's 50th Birthday continues, but we kicked it off 2 weeks ago with an all-orange, girls-only weekend in Moline.  The main event?  The Michael Buble Concert!   You know those weekends when you repeatedly laugh so hard you don't make any sound as tears roll down your cheeks and you double-over and then when you are just about to regain composure, you hear your friend snort and it starts all over again and another guest at the bar comes to your table stating, "You girls really should try to have a little more fun!?"   That's the weekend we had.  This is our attempt to take a group photo the next morning after a short night's sleep.

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  1. Oh what fun we had!! Can't wait to do it again!! Love you all!!!

    Mom & Jo


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