Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beautiful Girls in Beautiful Dresses

Our family is a family that someday someone could write one of those "Chic-Lit" books about.  Since our family is heavily weighted with females that are entertained just being together we would certainly be fodder for a best-seller.  Isn't that what those books are about anyway?  As I said before, we are a family of lots of girls.
  So when an occasion presents itself requiring any of them fancied-up and looking perfectly girly we ALL show up for a photo session.  My sisters and I jump about posing the girls and flashing the cameras and we love every minute of it almost as much as getting together the next day to share the photos over a fantastic meal and a bottle of wine.  
This past weekend it was Sydni and Olivia who were decked out for Prom.   They were absolutely stunning.  Wasn't it just yesterday that they were little girls running through our house in my old prom dresses?      

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  1. Truly beautiful dresses!! White dresses is my favorite!! I also like printed dresses!!


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