Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was in the yard with my camera Monday evening.  The flowers in the yard and the sun setting across the field had inspired me to grab the Nikon.  I walked down the hill and across the driveway.  I quickly noticed that the cows in the adjacent pasture were gathering nearby on the other side of the fence.  Soon they were following me along the fence line.
I entertained myself walking along to see just how long I could maintain their attention.  They seemed to be entertained as well...maybe by the camera or maybe by the funny lady.  Who knows?  I'd take four or five steps and pause.  They would walk the same distance and also stop.  Repeat.  I would run a little then stop and they would do the same.  Ditto.  I began moving about to take shots of them from different angles as they watched and posed. 
As I stood, they raised their noses.  When I would lie in the grass, their heads would drop to the height of the grass.  I got 58 shots of cows before the sun went down.  Zero flowers.  Zero setting suns.        

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