Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain & Strawberries On Monday

We wanted to spend Monday doing some of the things that we love but seldom have time for.  After a big breakfast that came from the stove-top rather than a box, the next thing on the list was BAKING.  This was prompted by the beautiful strawberries that Woody and Mary Alice had picked from their garden and graciously brought to us the evening before.  YUM!!!
The rain began early in the morning and continued through mid-afternoon, bringing the tractors to a halt.  Alan revisited his desk and the pile of mail upon it.  (Not something he loves to do but a necessary evil of rainy days in May.)  I had the camera out and walked about our little farmhouse, playing with lighting and setting changes.  Jo called about eleven o'clock and proposed an afternoon of shopping for the girls and napping and field-scouting for the boys. We packed the strawberries and the shortcakes in a cooler and headed to Arthur.  Alan got a much needed nap and I got a much coveted pair of Dansko's.  We did get to spend Memorial Day doing the things we had set out to do.   I love 3 day weekends!  

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