Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Week With Claire!

Our "CLAIRE BEAR" came to stay with us for a whole week while Cindy and Warren were in the Virgin Islands.  She was a joy everyday!  She brings any place to life with her personality and her ever present creativity.  
We spent our week watching old movies, going to new ones (Yes, a late movie on a school night!), eating out, creating gourmet meals at home, making a darling top for her, designing another quilt, driving and driving and driving.  We ate ice cream every single day.  She drove her new car and Uncle Alan's jeep with the skill of a manual-transmission expert.  We traded clothes.  We shared make-up.  She helped me pick out what to wear and how to accessorize it everyday.  I helped her cut quilt blocks with precision.  I learned that she only likes Coke, and does not like Pepsi.  She learned that Uncle Alan cannot burp as loud as she can, EVER!  No matter how hard he tries! 
She just left this afternoon.............Claire, come back!  We miss you!!! 

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